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Magno Soap Set  #MS-5012A

Magno Soap Set
2 x 4.2oz

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Magno Shower Gel  #MS-53372A

Magno Shower Gel

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Magno Two Soap Set


Two Magno Soap Sets - 4 soaps total
4 x 250ml.

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La Toja Soap Set  #MS-5022A
La Toja Soap Set
2 x 4.2oz

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La Toja Deodorant Roll-on #MS-53382A
La Toja Deodorant Roll-on

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La Toja Shaving Cream #MS-S-00571
La Toja Shaving


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Magno Soaps and Magno Shower Gels. With its unique combination of natural fragrances and ingredients, Magno has become a leader in the Fragrance marketplace. Magno offers unique products including Magno Soaps and Magno Shower Gel.

La Toja Soaps, Deodorants & Shaving Cream. With its unique combination of Mineral Salts it has the ability to revitalize and tone the skin and restore the skin's natural smoothness.

What's special about Magno Products:

  • Magno lightly moisturizes and smoothes skin after a shower or bath or anytime you want to feel clean & refreshed.

  • Magno has a refreshing, herbal scent, new formula leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated & fresh all day.

  • Magno's classic fragrance leaves skin feeling fresh & soft; minimizes perspiration & perfect for the most delicate skin.

  • Magno's is gentle yet effective protection all day; non-irritating.

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